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Rope Shackles are used as connectors -just like a metal shackle - on  modern boats and yachts.

Extremely strong and lightweight:

E.g. Breaking strength of a Rope Shackle made from 6mm, 1/4" Dyneema is 6 metric tons / 13.200 lb !

Hello and welcome

Rope Shackles made of Spectra / Dyneema are an ingenious, modern way to securely attach

sheets, halyards, blocks and more. They are state of the art on the most modern yachts.

Rope Shackles are extremely strong and lightweight, saving up to 90% of weight compared to

metal shackles, can not scratch deck or mast and are always easy to open by hand.

Now you can download the clomplete EMF Marine DVD on Rope Shackles.

Your downloaded file will have the following topics:

- How they work

- How to make them

- Important points, breaking strength

- Materials

- Splicing Tools

- Variations

Each topic is explained clearly and in full detail in video (english language).

You will find it easy to make the best Rope Shackles yourself.

Price to download the complete EMF Marine DVD on Rope Shackles

Egmont M. Friedl / EMF Marine has introduced Rope Shackles to the european market, is the largest producer and the number one specialist on Rope Shackles, having conducted extensive research, testing and refinement.

Should you prefer to receive the DVD by mail or like to order ready-made Rope Shackles, splicing tools or single braid Dyneema please continue to:

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